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Concept of Respite Care:

In a long term perspective such variously challenged children & youngsters require a care giving institution permanently. Respite Care Facility is not an ORPHANAGE. The Respite Care Facility provides a healthy working and living environment as well as it helps these children and youngsters to maximize their limited potential to lead a happy and self satisfying life. The children & youngsters would be looked after, helped and trained by professionals. In the management of the Facility, parents would also be involved and parents would not be allowed to abandon their children at the Facility. The children & youngsters would be going home at the weekends and return to the Facility during week days. When the Facility is fully functional the Association would assure the parents that after them the care of their children or youngsters would be taken by the Association.

Implementing the Concept:

The Association has been gifted a 0.80 acre of land at Mauje Khasghar, on Wada—Nashik highway about 8 kms from Wada, which is a Taluka place and is 60 kms from Thane. It takes two hours to reach the place from Thane. The Respite Care Centre covering an area of 10,000 sqft has been built here and provides dormitory accommodation for about 50 children & youngsters with a separate wing for girls. It has kitchen and dining room facilities with open covered space for holding vocational classes and other activities. The facility also has staff quarters and Guest Rooms.

The Construction of the Care Centre is now complete and was formally inaugurated on 9th April, 2017 by the Honorable Chief Justice of Maharashtra, Mr Abhay Oak. The innauguration event was attended by over 200 invitees. The video of the innauguration function can be VIEWED BELOW.

The Respite Care Centre will be fully operational from 19th June, 2017.

Some Images of the Respite Care Centre can be seen below :

Operational Requirements :

The running cost of the Facility would be around Rs. 5,000 per student per month. We are looking for donors to sponsor these students.


In case you are interested in knowing more about the Respite Care Centre or are interested in enroling at the centre -