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We are the parents of visually impaired children having other multiple disabilities. We have organized ourselves and formed this organization, As far as we know this is the only organization of parents of blind children having multiple disabilities. Our children are part of the Home Visit Programme of National Association for The Blind (NAB). We came together after a realization that individual efforts to bring up our children are going to be inadequate, we need to come together to help each other and it is essential that we create an organizational support system. This spurred us to start asking questions and try to find out various ways in which we can come together.

Our children and youngsters are in the age group of 12 and 26 and all of them are visually impaired along with other handicaps such as Autism. Mental Retardation, Spasticity etc. We run two Vocational Centres, one at Thane and another at Andheri in Mumbai. In these Centres Special educators teach children & youngsters the skills like stinging beads to make imitation jewelry, pounding work for making chutneys, mukhawas and other such food items; painting and block printing for greeting cards etc. We also impart the skills for sorting and packing. These tasks are divided into four to five activities per day according to the urgency of orders. Another activity which we have started is that of providing educational facilities for some children who can be educated in a formal education programme. These children are in the age group of 9 to 13. Under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Scheme launched by the Government of India, handicapped children who require one to one teaching are allowed to be taught by NGO and they are permitted to appear for examinations at municipal or government schools. We teach the children from 10 am. to 1 pm. and then from 2 pm. onwards. The teaching is done by a team of volunteers. Besides regular teaching with Braille; these children are also being imparted vocational skills.

Many of our children are spastic and require regular physiotherapy under expert guidance. At the centre in Thane we have started such sessions regularly and are being helped voluntarily by medical professionals.

Similarly the technique of early intervention therapy is being advised now a days to help the children with multiple handicaps. Along with physiotherapy for spastic children we have started this early intervention therapy also. We also provide counseling services for the parents.

We want to make both the Centres a multi disciplinary Facility catering to needs of children with visual & other handicaps which would be ultimately converted into a Respite Care Facility. A proposal has been received about a piece of lanmd beinh donated to the Association. The land is near Wada, in Thane District.

This Facility will have residential section, vocational centre, primary medical services, recreational services, counseling services. This Facility would be run by professionals.